World Food Day 2021: What is world food day, history, significance

Today is celebrated as World Food Day. It is celebrated every year on the 16th of October. This day is celebrated with great fervor in all countries. This day tells us the importance of food and alerts those who are starving without food. It highlights the suffering of the world without food. It recognizes the establishment of the Agriculture and Food Organization, which was created on October 16, 1945, and is celebrating its 76th Food Anniversary in 2021.

This poverty and scarcity of food have expanded so rapidly in underdeveloped countries around the world that the most effective care is needed. To address this, today is being celebrated as World Food Day. We have a very good food system in this society. However, it is difficult for people living in small areas for two meals a day. They are not getting the proper food supply.

It is celebrated this World Food Day along with many other organizations that are passionate about food. Today, many organizations vow to take care of food security and its eradication and care for the people who are suffering from a lack of food.

The purpose behind World Food Day is that food is a fundamental right of humanity. Its purpose is to spread this message worldwide.

The main event of the 2021 World Food Day is being held at the Expo in Dubai. If you are interested, you can register by participating in this link below.

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