Unknown Facts About Cricket You Not Hurd Before.

Hidden Interesting Cricket Facts

Whether you are a cricket fan or not, you love this spot; Today, we will tell you facts about cricket. The truth is that you can not ignore cricket, so here are some interesting and shocking facts about few cricketers.

List Of Top facts about cricket

1. Golden Dacca in cricket means to be out on the first ball, zero Team India cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni rolled into the pavilion with the Golden Dacca in his first ODI. He was run out in his international debut match in 2004 against Bangladesh.

2. Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the best bowlers and the best cricketer of all time. He wanted to become a batsman in his early days of cricket, he used to be the opening batsman, but after an injury, he had to change his bowling stand.

3. Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar made his international debut at the age of 16 against Pakistan, but in the practice match between India and Pakistan in 1987, Tendulkar briefly fielded Tehrah Sale for the Pakistan team. He Went Us Subatitus is mostly unknown cricket facts till now.

4. Extremely Confident and Well-Spoken Hardik Pandya is an all-rounder in cricket but was not brilliant in studies. He did not have much heart in his studies. After 9th class fail, he decided to concentrate on cricket.

5. MS Dhoni has 16 international 100s to his credit, but he has not scored any century outside his continent Asia, but he has scored against non-Asian teams.

6. India’s captain Virat Kohli does not hide his emotions, and sometimes it has resulted in a full pan. In 2012 Kohli was a fan 50% of his match fee for obscene hand gesture.

7. Diamond duck in cricket means getting out on zero without spacing ball Bhuvneshwar Kumar got a diamond duck when he hit the wide ball on stump and left without out no score. This match was against Sri Lanka.

8. The RCB vs MI match is underway in the 2014 IPL. Pollard is batting, while Mitchell Starc is bowling. When the 4th ball of the over is over, and the 5th ball is fired, Pollard is not ready, yet Starc is bowling so that Pollard gets very angry and throws the bat towards Mitchell Starc and throws it to the ground.

9. VVS LAXMAN is called very, very special LAXMAN; this very special player has been a test specialist who also played ODI, but he did not play a single match in his international career of 16.

10. Bangladesh is quite new as compared to India in International cricket. That’s why it is shocking so know that India lost in the ODI series to the country Bangladesh in 2015 that too under Dhoni’s leadership.

11. This match was a cessation match in cricket history because the cricketers were physically striking in this match. Australian cricketer Dennis Lillee crosses over to Javid as he runs to remove Pakistani cricketer Javid Run. Then Javed Lillee pushes him. Then Lillee gets angry and kicks Javid with a leg. Even Javeed gets angry and goes to hit him with the bat. Then the umpire comes in and takes control of the situation.

12. Avishkar Salvi did not play many matches for India, but this cricketer, whose first doctorate in astrophysics.

13. vvs Laxman says that he could have become a doctor, but he decided to leave MBBS and make a career in cricket.

14. Ajit Agarkar Knows Us Bombay Duck Because these Mumbai cricketers got out repeatedly on zero for 7times.

15. Pakistani Cricketer Shaheed Afridi Scored 100 Runs In Just 36 Balls In 1996, And It Was The Fastest Under Time Shaheed was Showed By The Help Of Sachin Tendulkar Bat Sachin Tendulkar Is Given His Bat To Shaheed.

16. New Zealand cricketer Martin Guptill is called Martin Two Toes because he has only two toes on his foot. When he was 13 years old, he lost three of these toes due to a terrible injury.

17. Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson used to work as a delivery driver for some time before playing international cricket, used to wake up at 4:30 AM and deliver plumbing supplies.

18. Ricky Ponting got so angry at Ricky Ponting for a run in a match during the 2011 World Cup that he broke the TV in the dressing room even though he did say non-directly hit TV that was certain damage to the television set. This is also one of the exciting cricket facts till now.

19. Sri Lanka’s Jayasuriya is considered the best batsman ever. He has scored 34 in 28 ODIs.

20. In 2010, England cricketer James Anderson appeared on the cover of a magazine without wearing clothes. Yes, he posed nude for the magazine Attitude.

21. South African cricketer AB DE Villiers is a guitar player and also a singer. In 2010 He Even Released a pop album.

22. Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar was once suspended for 3 days during his college days for riding his motorbike through the principal’s office.

23. Pakistan’s Waqar Younis, a first bowler, lost the little finger of his left hand in childhood. Gehry injured his finger after jumping into a canal as a child, and doctors could not save his finger.

24. In 2000, India’s Kapil Dev cried on National TV in his interview due to a match-fixing allegation. He broke two and said that he comes family pride is the most important thing and he would never do something like that.

25. KKR and RCB Match in IPL 2013 Kohli hits sixes in the first 2 balls of the over, while the 3rd ball goes out to hit six. Then Gautam Gambhir says something to Kohli, and Kohli gets very angry.

26. South African fast bowler Dale Steyn, considered the greatest bowler of all time, could be quite dangerous in 2007 because his delivery caused 23 fractures in an opponents face.

27. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi is the cricketer who played Test cricket for India and England. This is one of the amazing cricket facts.

28. Chris Gayle is the only bat to hit a six on the first game in a Test match, and Gayle had achieved Bangladesh’s play or available in 2012. You will be surprised to know that it has taken many years in the history of Test cricket for this to happen.

29. Pakistan vs India match is being played in the 2010 Asia Cup Tournament. In the last over of the game, India must win 6 runs off 7 balls to win. Shoaib Akhtar Harbhajan Singh bowled very roughly, and the fight broke out between the two. However, Harbhajan Singh won the match by shooting Shoaib Akhtar’s ball in a few seconds.

These are all facts about cricket; we hope you got some interesting and unknown facts about cricket.

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