Top 6 Best cars under 6 Lakhs In India

Today I have brought you the top 6 best cars under 6 lakhs in India. When it comes to the budget of Rs6 lakhs, I have put this list down while keeping the price, mileage and service availability, etc. Let’s start with our first car.

List Of Best cars under 6 Lakhs In India


The Tata Altroz ​​has come in a very new look, a much sharper look, and the colour. it has looks very good. This is best cars under 6 lakhs in India. It gets you a 1.2ler petrol engine with 85bhp max power and 114Nm of torque. Its mileage is 19kmpl. Regarding the diesel engine, a 1.5Ler diesel engine is available with a maximum capacity of 90Bhp with a maximum torque of 200Nm. The torque has been given very good with the mileage of 25kmpl, so if you see the diesel will get much better.

Talking about the fuel tank’s capacity, the fuel tank capacity of 37ltr is available with 345 litres of boot space. This car gets a remote-operated fuel tank and parking sensor, voice command, and much more if we talk about the features. Its road presence is outstanding, its appearance is excellent, and the handling and comfort balance it has given is very good. Main thing is this is safest car in India under 6 lakhs. Its cabin space has been given a lot of practical. If you talk about the price point, you get this car from Rs5,40,00 – 9,35,000, but this car’s features and road presence are very heavy and very different look.


This is tata tiago reviews, I recommend this car to those people whose running is more on the highways. If you have to drive your car a lot on the roads and if you have to go a little in the hills too then this car is the best then Tata Tiago will be an excellent choice for you according to the budget of 6 lakhs.

First of all, you get high-speed stability in highways in this car very best and the confidence available in high speed in this vehicle. In terms of handling and steering feedback, I also found the Tiago to be the best, and that makes it the perfect choice for highways.

Other friends, along with excellent handling and stability, good power base is found in the vehicle, due to which you can drive it without any problem even in the hills, safest car in India under 6 lakhs. Global NCAP rated this vehicle 4 stars. So, according to the budget of 6Lakh, the XT variant of the Tata Tiago will be very high value for money for you.


I would recommend this vehicle to those people who want a practical car if your running whistles are too high. This is also best cars under 6 lakhs in India. If you have running on the highway and bad roads, you can definitely consider Maruti Suzuki ignis. One of the best options for the City in this segment. Overall Visibility The vehicle that is quite excellent also takes out good coverage inside the cities. In the end, the car is entirely compact to drive without any problem on the traffic-filled roads.

Apart from this, it has an excellent stable feel even on highways, you will not feel anybody roll inside this vehicle, and it is quite a great option even for bad roads. It is best cars under 6 lakhs in India, Because in Maruti Suzuki ignis, you get a ground clearance of 188mm, due to which you can drive it on rough roads without any problem. Safety is also not a big problem, global NCAP has scored a bug 3 stars because according to the price is right, the rest of the safety force you need is found inside the variant of ignis, so according to the budget of 6 lakhs, the sigma variant of ignis is that. You can consider a lot of value-for-money variants, and you can install your accessories later.


For city purposes, you get another vehicle in the budget of 6 lakhs, which is the Nios of Hyundai. I would recommend people who have to pay annually in most cities. If you want a broken premium feeling in the car, then definitely you Nios also according to the budget of 6 lakhs, You can consider.

The variant of Nios is 1.2 model, you will get it comfortably around 6 lakhs, which you can modify according to your own by contacting accessories etc. But you should take this vehicle only if your running cities are very high.


Hyundai Santro I would recommend people whose running is more on highways, and if you want a good future car in the budget of 6 lakhs, then you can buy Santro highway performance socks. Personally liked this vehicle very much; it sticks in highways. This is best hyundai cars under 6 lakhs.

There is no problem with stability as well, and you can drive it in cities and on highways. The overall interior is fit and finished. The build quality is what you get inside the Hyundai Santro, and you can get around the budget of 6 lakhs. Its megana variant is available in which you will get all the features you need, so according to the budget of 6 lakhs, if you want a feature car, then you can buy this car.


Maruti Suzuki wagon I would recommend this car to those who want a family car at a low price, first of all, the space in this car is perfect. If you look at the entire segment, you get a lot of good space in this vehicle. Overall, I found the car very good in terms of space, due to which you can use this vehicle for family purposes. Tis is a best cars under 6 lakhs in India.

Apart from this, it performs very well in cities. One, you get excellent Visibility. But I am not going to recommend you for highways. Mileage is also good. It gives around 17kmpl in cities and around 20kmpl in highways you can quickly get out of it. If resale value matters more for you, you can definitely buy this Maruti Suzuki wagon because the resale value will be very good. After all, it is the top-selling car in India due to its demand in the secondhand market being very high. If you send it even after a few years, you will get good resale for this vehicle.

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