Top 5 Best PC Games For 4GB Ram In 2021

In today’s article, we will talk about best pc games for 4gb ram that you will be able to play inside your pc, even if you have a very low specification device that should have 4GB of RAM or else. Whether there is a 2GB graphics card or not, it will work. That is, you do not even need to reduce the graphics setting. You will enjoy those games in high settings, it will be a lot of fun, but there will be good stories.

Many people do not have graphics cards on their computer, so they say that we cannot play games because we don’t have a graphics card. It’s not like that at all. You can play without a graphics card, your computer does not respond, it is a budget pc, you do not have much money to buy a costly computer, and you want to do gaming.

And you are seeing that all the new games that are coming or not all of them require graphics card, which we give to the games, then the graphics look good. But by going to their system requirements, you have a big processor, i7 processor, 4GB DDR5 graphics memory, you feel like hearing what to do.

So here we have given best games for 4gb ram pc, I have come with games you can play without a graphics card if you have 2GB ram, also best game for 4gb RAM laptop, and only you have intel graphics. With that, you can play these games, so let’s start with this, we are the first game to come in the series.


Prototype2 is an old game, and it is not even very old; This games under 4gb RAM. this game came shortly before GTA. In this game, your player is named James. It destroys the virus. The name of the virus is the blacklight virus. It has to be destroyed, and it also has to kill the person, due to which his family also died. And he has to eliminate that virus. This game is very good with storyline missions. The big thing in this game is that this game runs comfortably in 4GB of RAM with incredible fps with great graphics; yes, the graphics are perfect, which will help all of you more to utilize 4GB RAM properly.

This game comes with very nice graphics. In which all of you can play without lag, here you will get experience, that will also be very good. This is an open-world game. If you all like to go to such a storyline, you all have 4 GB RAM with you, then all of you must play this game. this is best games for pc 4gb ram.


There are many parts to this game. You can play anyone. It is also a best pc games under 4gb RAM. Here I am telling you about its series, what is this game about. All of you guys can play outlast1 or outlast2; it is an enjoyable game. What happens in this game? This game is a first-person shooter game, and this is a horror game. If you like horror games, then this game will also be good.

What is the scene here? A person goes to investigate where you will find horror material, and yes, this game is based on stealth. You have to kill silently. If you like games with fps and good missions, then this game will also be good. All of you can play this game comfortably on a PC with 4GB of RAM. The beauty of this game is that I think you will find this game’s graphics so much better after seeing that, so if you know that the graphics of horror games are good. All the zombies you will see here will not look like cartoons; they will look realistic. And here you all play this game, then its storyline will also look good, together you will enjoy doing missions, and it will be fun to play this game at night.

Very nice game you can play part1 or layer2 and this game will run smoothly in your pc if you have 4GB ram in your pc.


The missions in this are such that you are given a target, which means clearing you, and there can be many ways, how you will go and kill it, it defends you. You have to do the target that you have, it is an excellent video game, termites will have a lot of exercises, and you will get to know the story about a very secret stealth killer.

The commander who gives him the task and has to complete that task by going there is a very classic video game, This is best games for 4gb ram pc without graphics card, you can play in standard pc also.


Call of Duty is a game that came first. In this, you do not need a graphics card. And let me tell you that the call of duty modern warfare series would have invested the most money in history. Its story, its gameplay, its characters were so redefined. If you play this game, you will feel that the war that is happening, not the character, you are the part of it, every anime has been told in detail. The experience of the game is very impressive.

So call of duty modern warfare series, call of duty4 if you’re not played you should play now modern warfare, modern warfare2, modern warfare3, call of duty black ops1 and call of duty world at war also there are many videos of call of duty What you can play without a graphics card, and the graphics are outstanding.


Batman Arkham knight is an action-adventure open-world game. This game was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. This game is readily available for all your platforms. You can download it for play station4, Xbox One, and your pc platform in an effortless way can install. This game was released on 23 June 2015

Talking about the mode, then a single player comes and talking about the game, then the main character batman lives here. This Batman protects Gautam city. He is the enemy of Batman, who injects some virus into Gautam city, due to which more people than Gautam city leave Gautam city. This is the storyline. Here is the story of the game. It starts, and here you will get to see the completely open-world city experience, here you can drive, drive a car, kill your enemy. Here, you can do everything. The Graphics card should be only 4GB, This is best pc games under 4gb and this game will run smoothly in the i3 processor. This all are list of best pc games for 4gb ram.

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