Top 5 Best Made In India Smartphone 2021

best made in India smartphone Now recently Lava has launched its Z series in which the best like Z4, Z2 Max, and Z6. And not just Lava, Micromax has also launched it’s in series which has some interesting phones like in note1, in1. Micromax and Lava are both those companies, they are Indian companies in India. If you consider other company’s phones like Xiaomi, Samsung, or Realme, they also make something like this in India which is Made in India. Like take x3 of Poco or take 7i of realme, Redmi note has 10, Samsung’s Galaxy m12 also comes made in India. So if you consider this phone, your options increase a lot. The story of these phones is that these companies may not be Indians but some phones are manufactured in India.

If you are looking for a best made in india smartphone, it is your priority that the company should be made in India, even if it is in India, in our list, we are going to talk about 5 phones.

1. Micromax in Note 1

Micromax in Note 1: I found this phone very special in terms of looks as it looks very similar to Samsung’s m 31. Weight is not too much 196 grams. The display available in this is 6.67 inches IPS LCD display and at the same time its refresh rate is 60Hz You do not know that the refresh rate is basically that how many images that screen can show within a second. Now the refresh rate of 60Hz is not too much in today’s era and it is not even less.
Another special thing about it is that its PPI ratio is PPI, which is how many pixels are inside an inch. In this phone, you will get 395 pixels per inch.

The camera at the front is in the format of a punch-hole display. If you tell me about its performance, then you get the processor Helio G85 from MediaTek which is an octa-core processor and it runs on a clock rate of 2 GHz. Ram which is included in it is 4 GB, in terms of overall performance, this phone has not been second to anyone. In this, you will get a 48MP primary camera, with that 3 more cameras are 5MP, 2MP, and 2MP basically you are getting a quad camera setup. On the same front, you will get a 16MP selfie shooter.

The battery which is included in it is also supercharged, it has 5000mah battery, it has type c charger along with 18w fast charger will be available in it. Basically, it will take you 2 hours to fully charge the 5000mah battery. A fingerprint sensor is present in this phone and that is on the backside

Now with all these configurations, you are going to be very impressed when you know its price. The price of this phone is Rs10,500. Now, this is a great deal at Rs10,500. According to me, if you are searching for best made in india smartphone then. This phone is a very good option, if you are comparing according to it, now what Micromax has come out with this phone, it has come out keeping in mind almost every type of user. Whether you want to do photography, want to do gaming, watch movies for hours on end, this phone is an awesome choice for everything.

2. LAVA Z6

LAVA Z6: LAVA has come out with new sizzling hot snapping phones one after the other. One of them is that the Z6 looks of Lava are quite impressive, especially the branding behind it, which gives a bold look to this phone. This is a 100-gram phone in two colors such as Aqua Blue, Flame Red. Talking about its display, 6.5 inches is an IPS LCD screen, its PPI ratio is 263 which is average. Front Camera In this you will get a water drop format that looks beautiful on the screen. Mediatek Helio G35 processor is installed, will be helpful for the performance, along with the RAM which is in it will get a much upgraded 6GB in it.

The camera of this phone is not overloaded but the performance is quite good, 13MP, you get a primary camera in the rear and with which there are two more cameras to make it a triple camera setup 5MP and 2MP. The same you get in the front, a 16MP powerful selfie shooter, big powerful battery, this 5000mah is charged by the port of type c but it has a negative, it does not support fast charger. So if you have to charge this phone from 0 to 100 percent, then it will take about 3 hours.

The storage is internal, you get 64GB in it, you can expand it up to 512 GB with a card. This phone also has a fingerprint sensor on the back. This phone is better for performance. Tho my final conclusion about this phone is that if you are looking for a phone in which you want to play games, it should be around 10,000 and it is also best made in india smartphone, this phone really gives a good competition to its rivals.

The price of this phone will be Rs 10,300, you can buy it from Amazon and Flipkart.

3. Micromax in1

Micromax in1: The features and design of both Micromax Note 1 and Micromax in1 are almost identical. The glossy design and glossy finish come with a 6.67 inches IPS LCD display with a PPI of 95 which is going to be a great screen experience. The front-facing camera is in the format of asking hole display and for performance, the MediaTek G80 octa-core processor is installed in this phone. Which runs on the clock speed of 2 GHz. The RAM in this phone is 4GB so the performance vice is going to give a very good overall performance. The top-notch is the disadvantage but will be a very balanced phone in terms of performance.

The triple camera setup you are going to get is a 48MP primary sensor, there will be a lot of power, there will be two more cameras of 2MP and 2MP, a depth sensor and a wide-angle shooter, with that in the front you will get a good 8MP selfie shooter. After that, there is no work on its battery that also 5000mah battery supports fast charging with 18w means this battery is 5000mah will take about 2 hours to charge.

Talking about its storage also, you will get 64 GB of internal storage, which you can expand up to 256 GB. The same fingerprint sensor position that you will get in the normal back, with which its price is more impressive than Rs9,870 you will get this phone in Amazon.

4. Redmi Note 9 Pro

Redmi Note 9 Pro: This phone is a beast of its category. Weight is 209 grams. Exact 6.67 inches you will get the screen which is an IPS LCD display with its PPI ratio which is also very high 395. The one you will find in the front display is in the punch hole design. And another special thing in the design of this phone is that Corning Gorilla Glass has been installed in front of the display, which will add to the durability of this phone.
This phone is not far behind in terms of performance, you get it. Snapdragon 720G Octa Core Processor. The performance that it has, they will now know that it runs above 2 GHz.

Ram is on this phone. There is 4GB of RAM because the processor is good, you will not face any problem in terms of performance. Tour Setup This phone is good you will get 48MP at the rear along with it will be 3 more cameras which are 8MP, 5MP, and 2MP which makes a quad setup. Along with this, there is also a powerful 16-megapixel selfie shooter on the front. A battery of 5020mah will be available which will charge from the Type-C port. It also supports fast charging, if you want to do a full charge of 18w, then it will take 1:45 – 2 hours as close.

The internal storage of this phone is 64GB and you can expand it up to 512GB. The fingerprint sensor position is very interesting, on the side you will find its fingerprint sensor.
The price of this phone is around Rs.13,000. You will get this phone.

5. Samsung Galaxy F41

Samsung Galaxy F41: This Samsung phone is such a phone that is exported outside India and is best made in india smartphone Look vise will not look so special, this phone will look like a regular Samsung phone. If you look at the display, then you will understand why we have included this phone in our list, you get a super emulated display of 6.4 inches, which usually happens in a budget phone, you will not see a super emulating display, this is an advantage of Samsung. You also get the trust of the brand that no other phone can give your screen experience. So you will get a super similar screen which is its refresh rate, that is 60hrz is not very much but due to its quality, it will be absolutely useful in giving a better experience.

Now it is known that the most important thing about this phone is its performance, in this, you will get the 9 octa processor of Exynos which is of 9611 series and it runs at the speed of 2.3ghz. It comes with 6GB of RAM along with a powerful processor. The camera setup is also as impressive as its performance. 64MP primary sensor will be available with 8MP and 5MP cameras. Overall, this makes for a very triple camera setup, after that the front camera is what it gets, in the department of 32MP overall camera, this phone is not lagging behind at all.

You will get a 6000mah battery, it will be charged from the Type C port. The small negative is fast charging but it is 15w charging. Now it is going to take some time to charge a 6000mah battery it will take approx 3 hours. Internal storage is also slightly higher than the rest, 128GB of internal storage will be available by expanding it to 512GB.

Its fingerprint sensor is behind that is a normal position. You will get this phone for Rs14,500

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