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Tesla Cybertruck Arrives at Giga Texas for Cyber Rodeo Grand Opening

newsTesla Cybertruck Arrives at Giga Texas for Cyber Rodeo Grand Opening

Earlier this week, the Tesla Semi Austin arrived at Gigafactory. The arrival of CyberTruck and Semi shows that cyber Rodeo guests will be able to see Tesla cars up close and personal during the grand opening of Giga Texas.

Tesla ships will usually be on full display at events such as the grand opening of Giga Texas. Since Giga is the Texas company’s new operating base, Cyber ​​Rodeo will be a good time to showcase the company’s car lineup.

The presence of cybertrucks in cyber Rodeo is understandable. Eventually, Giga will build a Texas cybertruck, and it’s been a long time since Tesla community CEO Elon Musk’s cyberpunk post-apocalyptic pickup truck began to be closely monitored. Also, the name of the gigantic opening ceremony of Giga Texas may have been inspired by CyberTruck.


Cybertruck has seen some significant changes since the beginning of 2019. In January, a picture of an all-electric pickup was shared online for a closer look at Tesla’s Alpha prototype. The updated prototype did not include the modified version of the original door handle, side mirror and windshield wiper.

In a Q4 2021 revenue call, Musk says Tesla has introduced many new technologies to Cybertruck. He said the pickup would be ready for production by 2023, but Tesla still has some new technology to make Cybertruck work. Musk said Tesla is looking at the average price of cyber trucks in terms of affordability.

“You can create something endlessly desirable, but if you can’t afford it, it will hamper people’s ability to buy it because they don’t have the money. I’m more worried about it than having terrible technology. That’s what really sets the price,” Elon musk said. 

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