Season 20 Battlegrounds Mobile India Ranking and Royal Pass Details are clear

Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton has confirmed the end date of season 19 and the details of season 20. According to the company, starting from the 20th season, there will be a new Royal Pass and a new ranking system. After the original game was banned last year, Krafton’s mobile alternative in India.

Krafton has confirmed on its website that the 19th season of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will end on July 14. According to the website, this season will end at 05:29:59. Season 20 will also bring changes to the qualifying season. On BGMI, a patch was released on July 7. According to the website, the leaderboard at the end of Season 19 will still be displayed in the game and will be fixed with a patch soon. Season 20 will begin at 7:30 a.m. on July 14. M.

From the 20th season, the three seasons are combined into one cycle. In addition, gradually reaching a certain level during the cycle can get additional rewards. At the end of the cycle, the second cycle begins, which continues as follows: C2S1> C2S2> C2S3 In addition, each season now runs from the beginning of the season. 20. Krafton also changed the station abbreviations from S1, S2 to M1, M2.Season 20 will be called M1, Season 21-M2, etc., depending on the company.

Krafton also confirmed that the Royal Pass is now a seasonal item and can only be used until the end of the relevant season. It cannot be used after the end of a specific season and must be redeemed at the beginning of a new season. Therefore, if you purchased the Royal Pass in Season 19, it will be unavailable in Season 20.

When the 19th season Royal Pass expires, the Royal Pass and Royal Pass (RP) levels will be reset according to the company. Users must complete all Royal Pass Season 19 rewards before the end of the season. The prestige points obtained when purchasing boxes at the end of Season 19 of the Royal Pass before the start of Season M1 will not apply.

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