PM Mudra Yojana (PMMY) Application Form 2021 for Bank loan

The PM Mudra yojana was launched in 2015 by Narendra Modi. Today, we have informed you how to apply for PM Mudra scheme 2021 through English Language Online and Offline Interest Rate and Loan Details on pdf form. The main purpose of this PM Mudra Scheme is to help people who do business and those interested in increasing their business transactions by providing loans up to 1000000.

PM Mudra Yojana Application Form 2021

There is no need to spend any fee if the masses want a loan through this Prime Minister Mudra scheme. Under this scheme, you will be issued a Mudra Credit Card for identification if you have obtained a loan through this. A budget of Rs300,000 crore was released by the central government for this mudra project. And of this, Rs1.75 lakh crores And the time limit for repayment of this Mudra scheme loan is extended up to 5 years.

Benefits of Prime Minister Mudra Loan Scheme

The primary purpose of the Mudra project was to make people suffer from the problem of money to conduct their business transactions. This is why the Prime Minister launched the Mudra Loan Scheme on April 8 2015. According to some sources, so far, the government has lent 15.10 lakhs to 28.81 lakh traders. The scheme provides loans through financial institutions and banks. Its purpose is to help those facing business problems so that this Prime Minister Mudra scheme is created.

Apply for PM Mudra Loan Online

This PM Mudra scheme is divided into three types of a guaranteed loan of Rs100000, which are service sector, agriculture sector and manufacturing, business. This loan is provided keeping in mind the three main sectors. 9.37 crores of loans have been issued till the end of 2020, and up to Rs1.62 crores has been repaid.

PM Mudra Loan Interest Rate

By 2020, the Covid-19 had imposed a lockdown across the entire country. This has caused the country’s economy to deteriorate. With this in mind, the government launched a self-sufficient India campaign. The campaign is helping the beneficiary of the infant class at a 2% interest rate.

Types of Prime Minister Mudra Yojana

This mudra yojana consists of three types

  • Infant loans
  • Kishore Loan
  • Tarun Loan
YojanaPM Mudra Loan Yojana
UnderCentral Government of India
Apply onlinePMMY Application Form 2021 pdf
Loan formShishu, Kishore, Tarun
StatusPM Mudra Loan Application Status online
CategoryLoan Scheme for startup

Apply for PMMY Online 2021

This Prime Minister Mudra yojana has not fixed a specific interest rate. Various banks lend at the appropriate interest rate. Under this Mudra scheme, 2868 people have borrowed up to Rs14.96 lakh crore in the last six years. Approximately 1.2 people took jobs under the yojana in 2015 and 2018 this year.

4.20 crore Indian small project people have been given loans by the government from 2020 to 2021. 2.66 lakh crore was allocated to borrowers in 2020 to 2021.

88% for infant loans, 68% for women, 44% for new entrepreneurs, 51% for Scheduled Castes, and 11% for minority communities. This mudra yojana is designed to help the backward classes.

Apply for PM Mudra Loan Online

Commercial Vehicle Purchase: This PM Mudra yojana is set up for people and helps them. People can open their businesses and buy vehicles using this plan. If you want to take benefit from this, you will need to submit your application to the bank. 0 – 100000 will be loaned to people through some condition in the bank. You will be provided with loans to purchase autos, taxis, rickshaws, tractors, 3 wheels, freight vehicles, etc.

PM Mudra Yojana Helpline Number

The PM Mudra yojana has given 91 per cent of the loan to date. 91% of people have been given loans from the scheme under the financial year 2020-2021. 162195.99 of Rs148388.08 crore has been provided to the people until January 8, 2021. In 2020 and 2019, 97.6% and 97% of loans were made by banks, microfinance and non-banking companies. To date, this PM Mudra yojana has cost Rs329684.63 crore and Rs.311811.38 Money has been transferred to people’s accounts.

22.53 crore people have benefited from this scheme till January 2020. Of this, more than 15.75 crore women have obtained loans. Loans up to Rs 80 lakh to MSMEs.

The 1.54 loan was issued on November 1 2020. This included Rs98916.65 crore worth of money being transferred to people’s accounts. 50000 to 100000 will be loaned under this yojana. 10000 loan for Tarun protection and ₹ 50000 for infant cover.

Prime Minister Mudra Loan Yojana Application 2021

The main purpose of the Mudra Loan Scheme

Financials cannot afford to start their own employment. With this Mudra loan scheme, they can take out a loan and create their own profession. This project was launched for the people of the country. Its main purpose is to help citizens establish their own employment. People should reap the benefits of this project.

What is a PM Mudra Card?

This PM Mudra card is issued to the person who has the PM Mudra loan. He should use this card for his personal work only. It resembles a debit card. And the password is given to this PM Mudra card which you should not share with any person.

Beneficiaries of Prime Minister Mudra Loan Scheme

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Service sector companies
  • Microbusiness
  • Repair shops
  • Food business
  • Seller
  • Truck owners
  • Micro-production

Prime Minister Mudra loan documents

A person must be above 18 years of age to avail the loan under this PM Mudra scheme. And the applicant should not default on any bank.

Documents required to obtain a loan

  • Aadhaar card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Permanent address of the applicant.
  • Certificate of Business and Establishment of the Applicant.
  • Income tax return

Banks covered under PM Mudra scheme

  • Bank of India
  • Syndicate Bank
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • ICICI Bank
  • Corporate Bank
  • Allahabad Bank
  • Bank of Karnataka
  • DBI Bank
  • Bank of Dena
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Bank of Canara
  • Axis Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Bank of Sarasvat
  • IDBI Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Bank of Andhra
  • Punjab and Sind Bank
  • J&K Bank

Apply for PM Mudra Card online

How to Apply for a Mudra Loan
First, you need to open this website on your mobile or desktop Mudra Loan Scheme official After opening the website, it looks as follows.

  • Child
  • Teenagers
  • Tarun

You should write one of these three.

After submission, this page will open another new page. There you need to download the application form.
Applicant should fill in all the details of the dealer as stated there and submit the form to your nearest bank along with all the required documents. You will get a PM Mudra loan within one month after depositing your application at that bank.

Whether you want to begin your own profession or buy a new vehicle, you can apply for this PM Mudra scheme. And take advantage of this project.

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