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New Honda Civic Type R Prototype Sets Suzuka Lap Record

newsNew Honda Civic Type R Prototype Sets Suzuka Lap Record

Honda continues to release information about the 11th generation Civic Type R and has released more photos and videos of the Suzuki circuit hot hatch in Japan. 

But the important news is that the camouflaged prototype has created a new lap record around the track of a front-wheel drive car in just one second from the previous generation Civic Type R Limited Edition.

The record was set in Suzuki’s 3.6-mile figure-8 configuration, the full version of the track. The new Type R completed the course in 2 minutes 23.120 seconds, which is 0.873 seconds faster than the old car. 

Honda Civic Type R

But the first record-setting type R was a lightweight and more track-focused limited edition, while the new car was a prototype of a standard production car.

The video from Honda Record Setting Lap is excellent because it displays telemetry data such as motion and G-Force on the screen, including a map of the track.

 It gives us a better idea of ​​what the new Type R looks like, fortunately it’s more exciting than the previous car – one of our main complaints with the old Type R was the annoying soundtrack.

Unfortunately, we do not know much about cars. The new Type R must share the same engine as the old model, which produces 300 horsepower with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 six-speed manual transmission. Honda says the 2023 Civic Type R will be fully unveiled this summer.

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