Kotigobba 3 Movie Review, Rating, Direction, Performnace

Kotigobba 3 Movie Review

Today, We have the good fortune of watching kotigobba3 movies that started a long time ago. Here we will tell you whether cinema is worth it or not. kotigobba 3 may be said to be a good try, though not a perfect sequel.

Kotigobba 3 Cinema starts with Robbery Thriller and ends up as an average revenge drama. The movie’s one-line story is told perfectly in the trailer. Robbery also happens to be a serial blast in Poland. They thought ghosting was doing this. Cinema’s one-line story is to find out who his Ghost is and why he is doing all of this.

As a Major in Cinema Production Values, ​​60% of the film was made in foreign countries. Every Action Cinematic Chasing Cinema has prepared itself.
Sudeep has taken the entire movie from his performance to the next level. Sudeep is also acting as a superhero in the form of Ghost along with Satya and Shiva character.


Almost all the artists in this cinema have played the role assigned to them. If Aftab, Shraddha Das, Nawab Shah all shoot their rolls properly.

Ravishankar and Kichcha Sudeep‘s screen presentation is super. His characters make up half the second half—so much fun for viewers.


Shivakarthik wrote a screenplay that would give the viewer a bit of a lag in the first half, but with an affordable twist, mixing a little comedy in the second half.

Background Music

Arjun Janya‘s Background Music didn’t feel so good. Although the awesome tunes were provided in the trailer, they did not elevate these BGM scenes in the cinema. The first half was full of scenes, so they could be trimmed.

Today Indian Express personal rating for this movie is 3.5/5

Movie minus point

Kotigobba 2 Emotional drama that was a workout in cinema but did not get clicked in kotigobba3. Some characters in cinema have little importance. Rangayana Raghu and Tabala Nani did not get much chance to appear on the screen. And there was no subtitle to the cinema around the theatre. Cinema is the shoot at Almost Foreign, mainly because everyone speaks a different language. So there are no subtitles in the cinema.

The final one is not cheating to watch One Time. There is no cheating, even for money. Sitting with Family and Ignoring Logic You will surely enjoy watching movies for entertainment.

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