How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously 2021

Hello Friends welcome We hope you have come to this post of ours to know the answer to an important question on Instagram. That’s how to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2021. We hope that you have not found a solution to this problem anywhere on the Internet. But we have tried to solve this problem of you. As you know, you don’t need to look for a solution on any other website or YouTube after reading this article in its entirety. We have fully answered your issue. So please read this post fully.

How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

How to watch Instagram live without them knowing

In fact, Instagram Official has not yet offered this feature to Instagram users. The option to view Instagram live as anonymously has not been released from Official.
But we’ve come up with some ways to look at this Instagram live anonymously. We have detailed all of them below.

Is it possible to watch Instagram live anonymously?

No, you cannot hide your Instagram name or identity as it is visible to the Instagram Live Broadcaster. Instagram does not offer this option to its users. But you can see this live anonymously on Instagram using some methods. We have explained all these methods below. Read the full text.

Best method to watch Instagram live without them knowing

We have also discovered some amazing ways to watch Instagram live videos anonymously. You can watch them live on Instagram Live Broadcaster Unknown. There are 5 methods. We have described all these methods one by one below. Take advantage of it using the easy and easy method.

Method 1: Change your Instagram user name and name

You can watch Instagram Live by changing your Instagram username and information. We have listed below how to change it.

1. Open the Instagram app first to change your Instagram information and username.

2. After opening, click on your edit profile option

3. Change your old username and information now.

4. After changing all the information, click on the right tick which appears at the top.

5. Now all your personal information is change.

6. Now you can watch Instagram Live Broadcast without any hassle and show your information.

Method 2: Watch video on IGTV After live complete

Instagram Live Broadcaster users have the option to save their live to IGTV Video once their live session is over. If they save their live to this IGTV you can watch their Instagram live without them knowing it.

Method 3: Create a Fake Instagram account

Another option to watch live without having to see your information on Instagram is the Creating New Instagram account. Below we have explained step by step how to create an account like this. Read the full text.

1. Create a new Instagram account using your Instagram app or browser.

2. After creating your Instagram account, open your old original account.

3. If you want to see Instagram Live, log out of your original account and login from your Fake account as soon as it goes live.

4. Now search the name of the person you want to see live on Instagram.

5. Once your account is open, you can see them live by clicking on their profile picture.

6. You logout from your fake account after their Instagram Live is over. And login to the Main ID.

7. Continue the process where you want to view Instagram Live anonymously. And watch live without showing Instagram info.

To do this process you need to manage two accounts. As I have seen, this method is a very safest method. Following this will not cause you any problems with personal information.

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Method 4: Use others account to watch Instagram live anonymously

You can watch Instagram live anonymously using your family or friends’ Instagram account. To perform this process you will need to enter your user account username and password on your mobile. After logging in, you can view your loved one’s live anonymously without knowing them.

Method 5: Using website tools watch Instagram live video

There are many websites on Instagram to watch live video anonymously. Here you can see Instagram live anonymously without using your original account. Once you open this website, you have to create a new random Instagram account.

We do not advise you to follow this 5th method.

To complete this method you will need to complete some task. While completing this task you will be redirected to some spam websites. This task will take a long time to complete. If you open this website, your mobile or PC may be infected. It is good that you do not open this website.

My Suggestion

Finally I have told you all the information I know. My friends still watch Instagram live anonymously using the above methods. The method I like is the third method. You can use all of the above methods for viewing Instagram Live anonymously. But I will not suggest to you the fifth method so that you may have trouble. I have added this 5th method for your knowledge. If you know of any other methods you can share in the comment box below. Thanks for reading our article. Share with your friends by clicking on the share button you see above, if this post is helpful to you. Thank You.

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