How To Start Notebook Making Business

Notebook making business this notebook is used by children in school or college, but when school starts, this notebook is just as business-friendly. We also have a lot of notebook sales from June to the end of March.

That is to say that 70% of the sales will be in June and July. To start this business, we mainly need 3 note book making machine.

Required Machines for Notebook making business

  1. Cutting Machine: Cutting Machine Why do we bring paper rolls as a direct cutting tool to what size we want? Every day it cuts 5-6 quintal of paper in 24hours.
  2. Level cutting machine: We need to enter the system of paper size details of what notebooks we are doing. The machine then cuts to that size. Some ask for a small book, some ask for a long book, others ask for a 100 page book. So this level notebook manufacturing cutting machine is very useful for doing that size.
  3. Pin Machine: We’ve all seen the thread machine before. The notebooks were tied to the thread. But now it’s not. Everyone uses pins. You need a high gauge machine that is very strangled.

So we need all three of these notebook-making machines. These 3 machines come in a combo notebook manufacturing machine price of around Rs250000 in India. As we have already mentioned, these cutting machines are worth looking at up to Rs75000-Rs400000. The leveling machine is also available at Rs55000-Rs200000 and up to Rs25000-Rs150000 in the Pinning Machine Market.

We have to buy in the market to see who is offering us well and who is offering the lowest price. Usually, these companies only serve us for up to a year. The state of Gujarat, West Bengal, and Mumbai are the most served. These pin machines are also available on

Next, we need Raw Material. If we were to prepare these notebooks, we would often take white papers. These disparate papers come in rolls or bundles which sell for 10kg, 20kg, 50kg.

You’ve heard of these paper mills too. Paper Mills are only offering it to Whole Sale Navigation we can buy from them. So where to find the white papers that sell white papers in the Whole Sale is available on the Indiamart website. You can search on that website and contact them. That’s where we get all the details.

We also need to take these white paper bundles at 10kg, 20kg. The market starts at Rs 60 per 1kg. It then depends on its quality (how much is its gauge, how much is its brightness). As quality increases, so does its price.

The notebook you are preparing should be very high quality and should be of low quality. The paper you can take is 60 rupees per kg. If you take 150kg of paper you can sell the books for 40 or 50 rupees. These big companies sell books for Rs 50 or Rs 70. Using papers that are too bright. The notebook price is also worth the cost. Since you start early, you can start with a paper of 60 supply kg. It is also available at

Then all we need is the covers that are strong on these books which is very thick. We also need to prepare this cover ourselves. Ask the printing press who is local to us and they will inform you. It also ranges from Rs 70-80 per 1kg.

This printing press, like the one in the local, prepares it for us. Or even the District Headquarters, which prepares you. If you want to do it in bulk, ask this printing press who will tell you the details of who is providing the service.

Now we have to prepare this notebook. Now we are preparing 1kg paper rolls and 850gram will be a notebook. Another 100 – 150 grams of Vestige. Although it is very small, we discard it as very small. But we can also sell this Vestige.

We can sell this Vestage for Rs. 10 -15. It is bought by the fruit sellers, Courier Service and Glass Industry. They come directly to you and buy this Vestige.
Similarly, registration is exactly the same as registration for this business. We need to file GST for this business. Have to go to the Commercial Tax Office at the local and take this GST number. need to do your business with this GST number and tin number. And you need to file a GST as you are doing more than 40 lakhs.

Can also make a brand for it. Now for example lunar books, sun books. You can sell whatever name you want. Also, you need to print the same book on the backside of the book. In addition, you can put your office number, personal number. Because whoever wants to be a wholesaler, they buy your books by looking at this number and contacting you directly. We can say this is an affordable marketing program. This is why Bookstall provides our details. Bookstall buys them by contacting us directly to whom and what they want.

We first buy these white paper rolls to see how much profit there is in these books business. According to these paper rolls, we can produce 400 – 500 books a day. We can run this note book making machine for up to 12 hours. There is no need to do any service.

Notebook making business Profit(income)

Seeing how much profit there is for us, the rolls fall to about 60kg. In addition, the cost of preparation of a 1 kg book is Rs 100, including machinery, pin, cutting, folding, and tax. This is about 8 – 10 books per kg.

A Book MRP can be sold for Rs 25-30. All the expenses for each book you get will be 10 rupees. There you can make profits of up to 4000 -5000 a day.

Now you just have to give it to the bookshop at Local. Also, talk to the school head near you and tell them about papers, books, how much quality, how much size, how many pages are in the book. If possible, give the sample to the children. You can also shop at local grocery stores and stationery stores.

You can very easily make an affordable return on investment. Total Investment Viewing Machines Requires Rs.20000, Raw Materials Related Printing Rs.50000

Notebook business Marketing Plan

To put this shop in place is to have too many people. Most people who do this business say that 150 – 200 feet of space is required. Why do we need so much space because the stock is so high?

We can also use colors to make these books look very attractive. Recently, people have been posting photos of sportsman, Abdul Kalam on the cover page. The hope is that people will buy books too because they love them so much. They also print dolls to make children look attractive.

So this business will be very good and you can make a good profit on low investment. We usually see a different business that requires an investment of 5 – 7 lakhs. But the investment in this business is only 3 lakhs.

We hope you like this information. Thank You.

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