How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile for Android & IOS 2021

PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile phone game that’s been downloaded by over 150 million people. It’s a free phone game that plays like the PC version.

The concept of PUBG is to take out as many opponents as you can and be the last person standing. The graphics and controls are simplified for mobile gaming, but it’s still incredibly fun to play! PUBG Mobile has four different modes: Duo, Squads, Solo, and First Person Perspective (FPP).

UC is a currency used within the game to buy items such as weapons and clothes. It can be obtained by completing challenges, completing missions (missions are sided quests), and trading other players. The more UC you have, the easier it becomes to purchase equipment.

You will need UC if you want to buy cosmetic items like character outfits and other items that will make your character look better. If you want to buy equipment like armor, etc. then you’ll need BP (Battle Points) which can be purchased with real money.

Don’t use illegitimate methods to earn Free UC In PUBG

There are many illegitimate methods one can use to earn free UC in PUBG Mobile. According to the Q&A section of the game, these illegitimate ways include visiting third-party sites or using bots.

There are also other illegitimate methods such as using games hacks, fake programs which promise UC but don’t ever deliver the promised items or paying for a service that will purchase your UC for real money.

The warning also includes not logging into another player’s account. If you’re caught doing any of these methods, your account will be banned from playing PUBG Mobile.

Best Apps & Websites to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile Android

There are many websites that offer free UC on the Internet. But you need to follow their Rules and Condition. Below are all of those websites and apps.


POLLPAY app is an app where the users can earn free UC in PUBG mobile.

To earn these credits, you have to answer the surveys that are popping up in your notifications. It’s a great way to earn credits for free.

The credits can be used to purchase items in PUBG mobile such as avatar items, outfits, and more! You can earn a lot of rewards from the POLLPAY app if you take the time to answer all their surveys!… The thing about this app is that it’s only available in the US for now.


1. Download the Google Opinion Rewards App

2. When you open up the app, it will ask what types of tasks you want to do. Tap on “I’m not sure” which will take you to a screen where you can choose between answering surveys, giving feedback on websites, or giving feedback about ads

3. You’ll be asked how many questions are too many. Choose “At least one question is not too many for me”

4. After that, the app should give you an offer for an ad to give feedback on. If you accept, then you’re all set! Just answer the ad’s questions through Google Opinion Rewards and you’ll be rewarded for it. If the ad doesn’t come through, just wait a few hours and you should get another one

That’s it! Just answer ads through Google Opinion Rewards to earn free GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS credits. You can use these credits to buy UC in PUBG mobile.

Participate in BONUS CHALLENGES to get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game with in-game purchases. If you are playing PUBG Mobile on your iOS or Android device, then you can also earn points when playing bonus challenges that are found in the game. These points are called “Bonus Coins” and they can be exchanged for in-game items, which includes UC Packages in PUBG Mobile.


Applying referrals to earn from apps is a way of earning different things such as UC or any other gift cards. This method of earning can be done by downloading apps and starting to make referrals.

One way of doing this is by clicking on the ‘Earn More’ button on most downloaded app pages and then referring friends and family for a chance at free UC.

  • You can also download other legit apps like PlayerZon
  • and MPL to earn a free UC on PUBG mobile.

The first thing you have to do is download these apps but beware that you have to stay away from the scam websites as these scammers will try to convince you that they can send you some UC which turns out not to be true.


The best way to win a giveaway is by participating in it. For a lottery, you have to enter the drawing for a chance to win. For sweepstakes, you have to fill out an entry form. You can also enter giveaways which are conducted by streamers, content creators, and players of PUBG mobile.

These giveaways can be entered by following these steps:

1. Subscribe to the channel of the content creator, player, or streamer who hosts a PUBG Mobile Giveaway on YouTube or Twitch.

2. Comment with your UC ingame name on the giveaway video and wait for them to announce winners. They will contact you to provide your UC ingame name.

3. Your UC will be transferred to your account after you reply with your UC ingame name.

Our suggestions

One of the best things about this website is that it provides detailed stats and graphs which allow the user to keep track of their earnings. It is also a very simple and reliable app, with options for different payment methods.

One can download and install the app on both Android and iOS devices. A person does not need to spend any money on the platform and will get rewarded for sharing their opinion if they answer polls or take surveys through the Google Opinion Rewards survey site.

Most of the information shared through this website is public information, but some may require registration to access such as surveys offered by Abt Associates, Inc. So if you are interested in earning some UC without any hassles, then keep visiting this article for more information. But for this, you need to know reading and follow instructions.

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