How to Fix BGMI Automatically Download Resources Pack Problem

BGMI New Version 1.7.0 You may have a problem immediately after logging in, which is automatically download Resources. You have opened this article for us. You will find a solution to this problem of yours before the end of this post. Read it in its entirety. We have fully explained it here.

First you have opened your game after login you will get a problem. This is the download option on the right side of your game interface. Once you tap on it, you will have all the resource packs. All this resource pack is auto downloaded. This will deplete your mobile data. This BGMI consumes and empties all your mobile MB.

Fix BGMI Automatically Download Resources

Below we have covered how to solve this problem and stop this auto download process. In the previous 1.6 update, you see a button that stops the download. But in this 1.7 update this button has been removed.

Trick 01

If your resource pack is downloaded this way, you can tap on it and turn off the download. This problem is currently only tricks. So far no other tricks have been found for this problem. This is a glitch from BGMI’s side. This must be corrected.

Trick 02

The second trick for this problem is that you can go to the Report Option of your BGMI setting and report this glitch. By doing so, BGMI developers can fix this problem.

I will update this post if there is any new solution available to fix this problem again. This is so that you can follow our website by clicking on the Notification Bell seen above. If you have any problems or do not understand any of the above, comment in the comment box below. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible. thank you.

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