BTS ‘V’ Taehyung shares a cute post on their Instagram.

As we all know the BTS band is very popular around the world. And the South Korean K-POP band which means these BTS come to mind before us. He is best known in his group as the ‘Kim Taehyung’ BTS band known as V. And last year he topped the world top handsome man list.

BTS Idols do not have their official Instagram account. BTS management, Big Hit Entertainment, has opened an Instagram account in the name of all the Idols to make the BTS Army happy. But this Instagram account is not used by BTS Idols. Regardless of BTS management they handle.

Today BTS ‘V’ shares an adorable picture of Taehyung’s Instagram account shared by BTS Management. It is now very viral on social media. In the movie ‘V’ is sleeping with a cute dog. In this photo, V is very much looking into the story.

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