Black Pink Member Lisa has been positive in the COVID-19 test

YG Entertainment made it clear that Black Pink member Lisa Covid-19 was positive.

Covid was tested for Black Pink Lisa, a K – POP idol, Its been positive. The 3 Idols in the Black Pink Group have not come in contact with her. However, the PCR test is done for the sake of caution. Now waiting for the result of this test. Black Pink Management has promised to take care of their Idols. Having said that, we pay more attention to the health of our Idols.

Covid’s Rules were reduced in the wake of the Korona number dwindling in South Korea. Because of this, people were now traveling elsewhere for their work. Black Pink members had traveled to a different country the previous month. Lisa was involved in Fashion Week in Paris. And her accomplice Jennie was spot on in Los Angeles and Rose in New York. Stay tuned for more information on this subject

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