BLACK ADAM Official Trailer overview, cast, release date

Black Adam – Teaser Trailer HD | DC Fandome 2021

Dwayne Johnson has been working for this movie for 10 years. To do this work he wanted, the post-production work of this movie has started. Teaser, Trailer First Glimpses has arrived. Its magnitude is clearly showing it is of a very mega scale. This DC world is about to turn dark, and you will see screen colour grading like Batman. The black adam is not at all kind. The way the teaser trailer has come, the way he flies, catches the man, the way he holds the neck burns him with his electricity. It looks so clear he will not live with anybody. And peoples are said that this one-of-the-best anti-hero in the DC Universe and this wouldn’t comes in the superhero’s zone.

BLACK ADAM Official Trailer Overview

The teaser begins we see some people carrying torches. These, in my opinion, must be some archaeologists. They are looking for something, they are all in a deep cave. Then, things like the King’s Crown fly in the air. After that, one of the archaeologists writes to the ancient language. In my view, this ancient language will be of the same time when Black Adam got his powers. This means that this movie will play in both old-time and present time.

Then in the next year, she takes a few words while reading the archaeologist’s language, and energy blasts from it, and a man comes out from the same blast. The man wearing the hood is black adam. Then he grabs a guard by the throat and burns it with his energy. And seeing this, the rest of the guard’s fire bullets at black adam. It is also a bit surprising to see that Black Adam catches the bullets.

Then in the next scene, he flies in the air, and we get to see a little bit of his suit. The black adam logo appears on end. And the release date shows 07/29/2022. Now look after this teaser; we get a slight hint. The first hint is that we will also see the original story of black adam along with continuing the story in the present time. And the second is that black adam also gets power by speaking some powerful words.

Black Adam Movie cast

Original NameCharacter Name
Dwayne JohnsonBlack Adam
Sarah ShahiAdrianna Tomaz
Aldis HodgeCarter Hall
Noah CentineoAl Rothstein
Joseph GattSquad Leader
Quintessa SwindellMaxine Hunkell
Donny CarringtonCheckpoint Mercenary
Angel Rosario Jr.Mercenary
Chaim JeraffiDjau
Tre RyanMercenary
Rahiem RileyForeign Resident
Cameron MoirHelicopter Pilot
Marwan Kenzari
Uli Latukefu
Mohammed Amer
Bodhi Sabongui
James Cusati-Moyer

This teaser was terrific and made me even more excited to watch this movie. Tell me in the comments how you liked this teaser.

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