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What is up everyone? Please tell me you’re watching Big mouth. I really hope that you are because this Netflix animated series is just absolutely excellent and now it’s excellent all the way through its way to Season Season 5 which just dropped before getting into any season 5 specifics here for anyone who has not begun the big mouth binge please, please, please, please trust me when I tell you it is so well worth it. In the broadest strokes here big mouth is about a group of kids learning life lessons while going through puberty.

Netflix Big Mouth Season 5 Full Review

It’s got a whole lot of gross out or indigenous humor to it, but the show also offers up some real valuable insight into growing up and important life lessons. And I think there are many life lessons in the mix that could be applicable to a viewer of any age out there really. But the the really impressive thing about big mouth to me at least is that it does this and it manages to habits fun, but with such sincerity it is a very very solution it can be but it’s also one with a significant amount of weight to it. Alrighty, let’s get into season 5. Now. The theme of the new season is love and hate and a pretty significant driving force. Behind that theme are the love bugs and worms which I think are just genius additions to the show.

A love bug and a hate worm is one creature that shifts between the two forms and Nick winds up with one name Walter. He’s voiced by Brandon Kyle Goodman and Missy Actually, yes, one two. It’s Rochelle voiced by Kiki Palmer. The addition of those two characters to Big Mouth excited me for a whole number of reasons. First, I think they pretty accurately convey how hate can kind of creep up on you grab hold and cause you to go read or lose sight of everything else other than your actions that are being fueled by such an intense emotion.

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The design of these characters and how they operate also amplifies their dramatic value and the voice work from Goodman and Palmer is just so spot on. And then on top of that, these are characters that are going to be in the Big Mouth spin off human resources and at this point, I think you all well know how much I do tend to love really good world building and exploring a new highly detailed environment and if big mouse Season 5 is any indication it looks like that’s what human resources is gonna offer. So now I obviously don’t want to go too deep with plot information here. I want to steer well clear of spoilers, but just to run through some characters. I will tell you I find myself rooting for J more and more every season and Missy has been and still is a personal favorite. I feel like my heart is just always quick is to crumble to pieces when something threatens her positivity.

cheerfulness and her thrive but but then also reformed in a flash and feel significantly stronger when she overcomes a big challenge. But if I were to pick a most powerful arc of the bunch in season 5, I think I’ve got to give that honor to Nick’s journey throughout the season. The lesson he learns at the end is it’s just one of those universal things that no matter your age, it’s it’s good to be reminded of often and the way they go about teaching Nick that lesson was just so highly creative and truly exciting to watch happen. There are also some real animation feeds to keep an eye out for the season. Again, avoiding spoilers here, but episode eight was just wildly impressive to me and it is something that I can see myself rewatching seasonally also, there’s one particular chunk of that episode that just don’t waited me to know and I am not going to tell you what it is right now.

But I know for sure that when you watch it, you will very easily be able to figure out what it is. All right, let’s score this. I’ve given big now season 5, four and a half two out of five on the Dewey Decimal scale the show is just so smart and such an endless joy to watch. I’ve said this before, but I think it’s well worth repeating. I am not one to judge if content is age appropriate for younger viewers. But for me, when I’m sitting there watching big map I’m basically non stop wishing that I had something like this when I was growing up.

Yeah, it gets raunchy and super ridiculous at times but no matter how hard the show means, to those outrageous laughs The writers always maintain a significant amounts of art and they also convey a genuine respect for the challenges of puberty on love and also other elements of growing up. And it does so in such a highly creative and entertaining manner that I just plain old can’t get enough of. This might sound random but a lot of you out there know that my absolute favorite Pixar movie is the movie Inside Out. And still to this day.

I am blown away by how much that movie manages to accomplish by anthropomorphizing emotions and how it has truly changed how I process my own emotions. I bring it up because I think Big Mouth is Pixar level quality in that respect, trust an awful lot of really dirty humor. 5:50So there you guys go. That is where I’m leaving you on big mouth. Season 5.

Clearly I do hope you check it out. And if and when you do, tell me what you think of the new season in the comments section below and maybe drop in your favorite character of the season or your favorite home and I want to hear about it all.

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