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67 years old man made electric car at home, traveled 60 km in just 5 rupees

news67 years old man made electric car at home, traveled 60 km in just 5 rupees

It is said that paths are created automatically where there is will and desire as well as courage. This proverb was realized by a 67 year old man from Kerala.

Yes, in the Kollam district of Kerala, when the country and the world are focusing on electric vehicles, people are switching to electric cars and electric two-wheelers to save on diesel-petrol costs as well as pollution.

Anthony John, who lives in the city, has built an electric car in his house that can seat 2-3 people and travel 60 kilometers for only 500 rupees. It cost only four and a half lakh rupees to make.

When dreams come true …

The cartoon site reported quoting a video shared by Anthony John on the YouTube channel Village News, where the story begins with the story that Anthony John, who works as a career consultant, has to travel 60 kilometers to his office every day.

For this he took the service of an electric scooter. However, sometimes it is difficult for them to move due to rain or sun.

In such a situation, 4 years ago, i.e. in 2018, he thought why not build an electric car, which will reduce the operating costs and avoid other problems.

After gathering all the information on the internet, Anthony ordered the necessary components such as electric motors and batteries from Delhi.

Ordinary people’s electric car

Anthony contacted a garage and shared the concept and design of the electric car with the mechanics there and then worked with them on body and mechanics.

Although it was delayed due to the Corona crisis, he made his dream come true a while ago, when his first electric car was ready.

Anthony’s electric car has a steering wheel, brakes, clutch, accelerator, headlights, fog lamp, indicator and can seat 2-3 children in the back seat.

The most interesting thing is that due to its small size you can run it comfortably. The maximum speed of this electric vehicle is 25 kilometers per hour and the battery range is 60 kilometers per hour.

It does not take much time to fully charge and its operating cost is very low.

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