5 Best-selling Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India (Oct 2021)

I will tell you about the top 5 best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 rupees, which I have personally used and sharing with you my personal experience.

Hi there, you are looking for Bluetooth earphones that suit your budget, and you may not have Bluetooth earphones that suit you. No need to go all over again. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided you with a list of earphones that suit you and your money.

In this post, we are presenting you a list of Best Neckband Earphones under 2000 Rupees.

We have described the features of the earphones, new technology, battery life, and much more. Let’s start today’s topic with the first Bluetooth earphone.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 rupees

01 Realme Buds Wireless2
02 OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition
03 Enco M31
04 Boat Rockerz 335
05 Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo
Best-selling Bluetooth Earphones List

1. Realme Buds Wireless2

We Placed in No1, Realme Buds Wireless2 coming from Realme. I know its price is a little more than Rs.2000. One of the biggest reasons I keep this earphone at number one is this it is a power-packed earphone. If you pay Rs200 and Rs300 extra, then you get excellent earphones like this. This is the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 rupees in India.

The best thing is that you get 13mm drivers. In this, this is a driver which is a big deal, and it produces good bass, gives you loud sound, the quality of trouble is fantastic, you will not be disappointed in the sound quality at all. It will get quite tremendous. The best advantage is that you get the support of NC in this active noise cancellation. in my view is providing the best quality anc in 2000 rupees only realme is doing it

Transparency mode I have found it to be average; I have not liked it that much, at the same time, there is a change in the design. It is a very high earphone. In this, the overall look you will find very good, you will also get gradient type design in the earbuds, you will see different courses, comes with ipx5 certification, and water resistance. It supports dot charging and charging speed, along with it supports google fast pairing. And there is also a dedicated application of realme, where you can connect, customize the buttons.

If we talk about battery life, then it gives a playback time of 18 hours, which is a lot from them. At the same time, one important point is that you also get support for the ldac codec. High res audio is also supported. According to me, realme has left something new, according to this price range, I would consider it in one of the best earphones, that’s why I have put One Plus in the second number and put it on No1. If you are searching for budget Bluetooth earphones under Rs2000 i will recommend you to buy this one outstanding product in this price range.

2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

The earphones that stand out here are the ones ranked No1 on my list so far, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edtion. The fan following is tremendous; this earphone has been sold out a lot. This earphone is my favourite earphone so far, and it is a very comfortable earphone that can be used for the long term. The best thing about this earphone is its battery life, giving you around 8 – 9 hours of playback time, which is fantastic. Its price is Rs 2000. It also comes with an ipx 5 water resistance key.

Now talking about its sound quality, its name is bass edition, but in this, you will not get any more bass than the boat gives you, you will not get bass as realme offers. Do not expect as much as it is, and you can enjoy the music for long sections. It does not create pressure in your ear, and it is not that you have to remove it. Again and again, you do not have this problem. In this, you also get low latency, and you can enjoy it well while gaming is not it. Overall it is an all-rounder earphone. Under 2000 rupees this is another best Bluetooth earphones. If you want good build quality, low latency, and fast charging, you should buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edtion only.

3. Oppo Enco M31

The first thing I will say about these earphones is that these earphones look good, its price is 1800 rupees, they will not be a problem if you keep putting them on your neck for a long time. It is very lightweight, it looks excellent in appearance as well, at the same time, you are getting technology inside it. It is pretty tremendous.

The best thing is that you get LDAP support, Sony’s codec, which is a very high-quality codec. I would say that none of the earphones under Rs.2000 offer this feature. That’s why the sound quality of these earphones becomes very amazing. It also supports Hi-Res Audio. For those who like to listen to music these earphones provides great detail sound quality this earphone is best for them because the instrument playing behind it will be able to understand very well, you have liked this thing very much. Even if you charge it for 10 minutes, it will give up to 180 minutes a playback time. In this also, you get an ipx 5 rating, and there is water resistance.

4. Boat Rockerz 335

If you talk about the number 4 neckband, then here you are in the Boat Rockerz 335. If you talk about its price, then it is available for Rs 1,599. By the way, These earphones are one of the favourite earphones of the boat. The first reason is its build quality, if you talk about the model, you get it in metallic design. It comes with powerful quality, even the quality of the earbuds, which is made of metal.

Neckband also you get high-quality rubber quality is also good you can pay for a long term, so I did not complain even 1% of overall build quality. One of the best advantages we get in this is that the Qualcomm aptx codec is available here. This is an entirely professional codec, which will give you sound of high HD quality, and one thing to notice here is that the bass is heavily given in it, the quality of the treble is average, the bass is very high.

An improvement I found is that these instruments are playing behind, there the boat has done a perfect job. A pretty impressive thing inside this earphone it’s battery life. If you want good battery life, then buy these earphones only. If you get an ipx 5 rating, it is very water-resistant, sound quality, battery life, build quality. You are getting the earphones of the boat you are looking for within 2000 rupees, so you should only target the Boat Rockerz 335.

5. Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

Talking about the price of Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo in these earphones, then the cost is 1500 rupees. But the speciality of these earphones is that you get dynamic drivers of 11.2 mm in it. This driver size is very big. I would say these earphones are perfect for bass lovers. Loudness is also excellent in this. The quality of the treble is a bit good. But for a long time, it felt like the instrument playing in the background. It gets missed somewhere due to the presence of a lot of basses. But many such users do not care about it, for whom the loudness which is the matter and the bass does matter, so this earphone is quite perfect.

The speciality of these earphones is that whatever is there in them, you get fast charging technology. If you charge around 10 minutes, you will get approximately 100 minutes of playback time, which is a big deal. In this, you get a magnetic connection, as you detach the magnet, the speed will be connected to your device very quickly. Here you have not been given a true power on-off button, you have to attach detach to turn it on and off. This tech looks great in this price range.

I have found the design quite suitable for its module, which is not there. It gets a carbon finish type design, it gives an excellent look to the look. The neckband is also of good quality, the rubber is also good, you can wear it for the long term. In this, you also get 88ms flame latency mode. ipx comes with a 4 rating, so if you are doing gym, it will not be difficult if you are getting enough sweat. If you want earphones in this price range, you should only buy Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo.

These are the top 5 best Bluetooth earphones, all are best in their own price segment, according to your price, you can buy the earphone according to your budget.

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