4,000-year-old elegance” Cuc Tinh Y has plenty of gold rings, looks really attractive, yet resembles she’s vocal singing tuong, both tacky and also nation.

The flick Gia Nam Tale has formally set a program date, guaranteeing to be shown on the night of October 18, 2021 on WeTV. On the old story of Gia Nam is Mu Nam Chi, for some reason, near the broadcast day, the manufacturing group chose to eliminate the old name to replace it with a brand-new name.

In the freshly disclosed series of shaping, Cuc Tinh Y continues to transform into a lovely ancient lady with a full gold ring. It is true that when using a string such as this, checking out Cuc Tinh Y will certainly be much more sparkling and also lovely. Nonetheless, due to the fact that every form is covered with gold rings, it seems like Cuc Tinh Y is singing tuong, both tacky and country.

This is not the first time Cuc Tinh Y has actually been criticized for being tacky, often times before, the starlet has also been heavily slammed for wearing heavy makeup and wearing really rustic garments. However, the “4,000-year-old appeal” still chosen to disregard all criticism to persevere: Constantly 1 makeup style, 1 hairdo and also 1 shape from movie to movie.

In the story of Gia Nam, Cuc Tinh Y plays the role of Princess Khuong Bao Ninh. In his previous life, although Khuong Bao Ninh was wed to the emperor, he was not preferred. After ending up being the Empress Dowager for 7 years, Khuong Bao Ninh died.

After being reincarnated, Khuong Bao Ninh just wanted to have a serene life. Nonetheless, the waves maintained coming, causing Bao Ninh to get caught in the whirlpool of love as well as disgust full of confusion.

Cuc Tinh Y’s co-star – Flavor Thuan Hy plays Ly Khiem, a previous general who fell for Khuong Bao Ninh. After dying and being reborn once again, Ly Khiem still did not surrender his love for Khuong Bao Ninh …

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